23 February 2014

The storyteller, the weaver and the great mystery

I here you still
I am returning
the map’s been lost and I’ve forgotten how I got here
it may take me lifetimes but I know you’ll wait

I am returning to you. You
which gently pulls at my heart strings and writes me,
dreams me at night

I awake fully formed again, the storyteller,
the weaver of my life

I’ve never felt so close to you
great mystery. raven energy
wings at my back
I will soar off this vast cliff to
spiral back into union with you

When this soul rests
it is compelled to create in any way it can.
The silence invites poetry and drawings for my beloved

Why so many things after “I”?
The primordial mystery of beingness  
creativity follows stillness
love follows freedom
freedom follows love
more open hand
all things

Behind Your Eyes

Behind your eyes, the infinite resides
a vastness of space – fierce grace
I am a child filled with wonder and awe
swinging under a canopy of moss and dew

nothing could stop this smile
here I am wasting time
moving in and out of stillness

will you trust the earth to be at your feet with each step?
the air to fill your lungs with oxygen?
the sun to wake you and
the moon to lull you to sleep?

I am falling in deeper
a curious traveler on the edge
of discovery,
alone in the darkness
feeling my way slowly, gently as I go
Sensing the light of my soul is the home to which I am returning

Sensing the light of my soul is the home to which I am returning

20 October 2013

Day 29 Oct. 10th - Day 40 Oct. 20th!

i have been SICK sick sick the last week. it put a damper on my bloggin
and on my singing and chanting.

what have i been doing?

sleeping and meditating silently, still doing the daily practice but had to modify it...

so i have followed through with my 40 day commitment but due to this crazy sinus infection
that i have been healing from the past week, my throat has needed a rest.

yesterday i meditated down at ocean beach and experienced the magic of watching pods of dolphins frollicking about in the bay!

i immediately felt a shift in my level of compassion for myself and gained perspective on a matter that i had been seeking resolution for. i was able to truly appreciate the simple beauty in nature and to know that i am that. i am that. i am that.

so many changes are happening every day in my world. everything is continuously falling away, into the abyss of the never never land that all moments go.

adyashanti talks about how everything is simultaneously happening and falling away all the time into nothingness. sometimes i can sense particles of this fabric of non-reality (to make a bad analogy) but for the most part those realizations are short lived. everything feels so real and seems to matter so much. my mind is trying to make sense of how it can be that each moment falls away. i know it does.
some part of me knows this.

to be continued...

today is my last day of the 40 day cycle.

i am complete but i will continue each day until i don't

10 October 2013

Day 28 - Oct 9th C and G - Images of the Golden Mean spiral

Started out this evening's meditation with the shruti box in the key
of Bflat but it sounded wobbly and didn't feel right in my body or with my
voice. I realized that I resonate more with the full octave C (1 high and 1 in the lower octave)
and the fifth of that which is G. I know I have written about this before but last night's meditation
was super interesting...

when i switched to the C and G on the shruti and started humming into my heart, i got a clear
image of the exact spiral as the one above and that it was being hummed into my body and in my

it was so vivid. part of this blog is to record these moments of insight, synchronicity, magic,
and to document what affect this is all having in my body but also what changes are happening in other areas of my life.

more on that in another post... 

08 October 2013

Day 26 (Oct. 7th)

tonight i joined in on my roomies weekly group silent meditation practice. holy shit it was powerful.

so much gratitude came welling up from somewhere and overtook me. tears formed in my eyes. i felt so thankful to know they were all sitting there, part of my world. part of my experience right then. just being here, i felt so grateful for all the beauty that is in my life. the friends, the privileged existence i live currently. my work is starting to become a steady flow of people needing my services and for that i am so blessed.

i prayed. i prayed for more clients so that i may be taken care of and create more abundance in my world. stating to the universe that i am open vessel and i am ready for more work and more clients to come my way.

gratitude is not something i have spent a whole lot of time with. i am not convinced it is something to "cultivate" as "they" say. but i think when it comes up authentically, these are times for me to take notice of and relish in. i shared my experience with the group afterward and they listened deeply.
the quality of my experience and perception had changed so much after being in a vibration of gratitude for just a few moments. everyone looked beautiful and shiny and i had a deep sense of ok'ness and love for them all.

this is proof to me that how we are really does create how we experience the world. its quite amazing actually... they didn't change from the beginning to end of meditation but something in me did which completely affected the way i perceived them. crazy shit man.

i'm praying for more gratitude and compassion and raisin' the vibration to that of love so that i may experience the world as that of love.